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Quality Buildings

A lineup of robust, high-quality sheds and portable buildings, proudly made by American craftsmen. We ensure our quality and guarantee your satisfaction.

Browse our collection of shed and portable building models. We serve our neighbors communities across Maine.

Handcrafted in Maine


Building Types

We have a wide range of cabins, sheds and portable building options to fit your needs. Browse below to find a perfect fit for your property or backyard.

Gambrel Roof

Embrace the allure of our Gambrel Roof sheds, where classic charm meets functional design. These spacious structures boast a distinctive roofline that maximizes headroom and storage capacity. Perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of classic barn architecture, these sheds provide a picturesque yet practical storage solution.

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Gable Frame Roof 6.5 ft Wall

Showcasing a symmetrical roof paired with 6.5 Ft walls, our Gable Frame Roof sheds are a harmonious blend of form and function. Built to endure and designed to impress, these sheds offer a timeless look while keeping your possessions safe from the elements. They are the perfect complement to any home, providing ample storage with an elegant touch.

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Gable Frame Roof 7 ft Wall

Experience the pinnacle of traditional design with our Gable Frame Roof sheds featuring 7 Ft walls. These sheds offer an unparalleled blend of space and style, allowing you to store taller items with ease while enhancing the aesthetic of your environment. Their sturdy construction and timeless appearance make them a valuable addition to any property.

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Step into a world of tranquility with our elegantly designed Gazebos. Merging the timeless charm of classic landscapes with the resilience of modern craftsmanship, these structures are the perfect backdrop for your peaceful retreats and joyous celebrations alike. Let each moment under its shelter be an unforgettable experience in the midst of your landscape.

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Cabin 7ft Walls / 8 ft Option

Discover your personal haven with our Cabin sheds, now with 7ft or 8ft walls for an even more spacious interior. These cabins are a sanctuary for work, hobby, or relaxation, enveloped by the serenity of Maine’s landscape. Melding sturdy construction with cozy aesthetics, they create an inviting space that turns any activity into a special occasion.

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Inside Our Buildings

Beyond mere storage, the interior of each shed is a blank canvas waiting to be personalized. Ready to accommodate your taste.

Natural light from strategically placed windows, illuminates the fine craftsmanship of the wooden beams and panels.

Finish out your portable structure to enjoy the space to its fullest. With insulation and flooring to suit all your storage needs.

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Winterport Difference

Premium Construction

Nobody makes sheds that last as long as we do. We pay attention to details and make every effort to accommodate.

Customized Design

Personal customize design solutions. We build everything from a backyard shed, retrofitted off-grid cabin and everyday use cottages!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Between our quality construction and customized solutions, we guarantee you will love your product.

Local, Veteran Owned, and Family Run

Dedicated to fulfilling the community’s demand for durable, high-caliber portable structures. Our buildings are designed to endure time, weather, and provide the assurance of a long-lasting investment. Our community-focused approach guarantees personalized solutions, as you’ll be dealing with our team who are not just service providers but also your neighbors!

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